latin accents - artisan tile fireplaceYour fireplace can be more than just a practical way to heat your home.

With the right design, it can become a focal point and conversation starter. In fact, a beautiful tile fireplace is a great way to bring a room together. You can add those finishing touches that make it a warm, welcoming space.

Before you start designing your artisan tile fireplace, remember these pro tips.

Understand Fireplace Codes

Fireplaces have certain codes that determine what type of materials can safely be applied both to the front face as well as the hearth.

latin accents - artisan tile fireplaceArtisan tile made from ceramic can typically be used on all fireplaces areas because it is non-combustible. If you are considering using a different type of material, be certain to check the current residential codes set forth by your city.

First of all, you want your home to be safe. Meeting the local requirements will make your project both safe and beautiful.

Practical Benefits of Ceramic Artisan Tiles

Ceramic artisan tiles are among the best option for fireplace design because they are fireproof, even at extreme temperatures. They will not burn nor will they feed an existing fire.

They also do not give off any toxic gases, fumes or smoke during a fire. Furthermore, ceramic artisan tile can even provide extra structure surface protection during a fire.

Determine Your Artisan Tile Fireplace Style

latin accents - artisan tile fireplaceNow for the fun part!

Artisan tiles come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors and patterns. There are a number of different ways you can approach your fireplace design project.

Some of the available styles include Victorian, Colonial, Tudor, Cape Code, Modern, Mid-Century or Contemporary (just to name a few).

Once you’ve decided the design, you can determine which colors, shapes or patterns will best match your style. Also consider the overall theme of your home to determine how your fireplace design can best be integrated.

Get The Help You Need

Designing a fireplace, whether with artisan tile or some other type of material, can be a significant project.

latin accents - artisan tile fireplaceIf you’re feeling overwhelmed or are unsure about any aspect of your fireplace design, enlisting the help of a professional designer or architect may be a wise investment. These experts can provide valuable insight and offer guidance to ensure a beautiful final product.

Whether you are modifying an existing fireplace design or starting a new project from scratch, understanding the important points to consider and knowing how to plan ahead can improve your project’s outcome. Need a little inspiration? Check out our fireplace design image gallery.