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Broken Mexican Talavera Tile in both clay and porcelain.  Perfect for the exotic touch. Tile a table top with mosaics – or make your backsplash look like Barcelona!

Parc Guell mosalic tile
Ceramic mosaics at Parc Guell in Barcelona, Spain


Our broken clay tiles are mixed together. Selections are random in style and color and are approximately 2/3 decorated and 1/3 field color tiles. Our porcelain bodies  are very strong and seldom break.

CAUTION! The edges of broken tile bodies can be razor sharp. Always use gloves when working with these piece. We assume no responsibility for cuts and injuries.

About the photo:

Antoni Gaudí’s Park Güell (pronounced par kay gwel) was originally intended as part of a residential garden community. This never came to pass, and Park Güell was eventually sold to the city of Barcelona. Today the park, remains a public park and World Heritage monument.

At Guell Park, an upper staircase leads to the entrance of the “Doric Temple” or “Hypostyle Hall.” The columns are hollow and serve as storm drain pipes. To maintain a feeling of space, Gaudí left out some of the columns.

Mosaic Tile Flower Pot
Mosaic flower pot at Santana Row in San Jose, California

The huge public square in the center of the Park Güell is surrounded by a continuous, undulating wall and bench cove studded with mosaics. This structure sits atop the Doric temple and offers a bird’s-eye view of Barcelona.

As in all of Gaudí’s work, there is a strong element of playfulness. The caretaker’s lodge, shown in this photo beyond the mosaic wall, suggests a house a child would imagine, like the gingerbread cottage in Hansel and Gretel.

The entire Guell Park is made of stone, ceramic, and natural elements. For the mosaics, Gaudi used broken ceramic tiles, plates, and cups.

Guell Park demonstrates Gaudi’s high regard for nature. He used recycled ceramics rather than firing new ones. To avoid leveling the land, Gaudi designed meandering viaducts. Finally, he planned the park to include numerous trees.