Is a kitchen remodel coming up for you?

If so, you may also be thinking about designing with the stylish and elegant look of backsplash tile. Not all tile work is created equal. Your choices may vary based on a number of preferences, including color, design and size etc.

Before ordering tile, keep in mind these six important things that will ensure that you’ll be happy with the results.

latin accents - choosing backsplash tile

1. Your Color Scheme

The first thing you’ll want to consider is whether you want color or would prefer a more neutral look.

To start, take a look at the colors and materials you’ve used or plan on using in your kitchen. How do you want your tile to complement your cabinets, counter tops and flooring?

This will give you an idea of what style might be most complementary to your space. Colorful tile can make a bold statement. However, neutral tones (or a combination of both) can add just as much character.

2. Selecting the Material Type

Equally as important as the color of your tile is the design material.

There are a wide variety of tile products available for use in kitchen backsplash tile designs. These include ceramic, glass, brick and hand-painted.

Determining the right material will depend on the overall design style you hope to achieve. For instance, if you’re going for more of a country theme, light colored porcelain might get the job done. For a more traditional design, you may prefer Talavera tile work.

3. Height Design

Calculating the height of your backsplash project will help you determine how much decorative tile you’ll need to purchase.

Where your backsplash ends is entirely dependent upon your personal taste. For design that features just a hint of tile, the backsplash may only need to extend to the bottom of your cabinets.

On the other hand, if you envision more tile work, you may prefer to extend your backsplash all the way to the ceiling in areas where no cabinets are present, such as above the stove or over the sink.

4. The Style of Shapes and Patterns

The beauty of tile is that it comes in such a vast variety of shapes, styles, designs and patterns. There’s also the option of using different tiles to create a unique design and fun patterns.

For instance, you could combine colorful hand-painted Spanish tile with neutral tones to achieve an elegant design that is entirely unique to your kitchen.

5. Countertop Choices to Consider

Latin Accents - Choosing Backsplash TileIt’s good to remember that your kitchen backsplash tile will be up against your countertops, so make sure to choose tile material, colors, and patterns that will complement the texture and tone of your existing setup.

Generally speaking, neutral tone tiles tend to be more aesthetically pleasing when paired with colorful countertops. Conversely, when countertops are neutral, choosing colorful backsplash can really add character and pull everything together.

6. Setting the Right Budget

As with a project of any size the budget you’re working with plays a major role in the backsplash tile you choose. This can determine the type of material you will be able to incorporate into your design.

Even if you are working with a limited budget, there are certain strategies you can use to achieve the beautiful design you envision without breaking the bank.

For instance, you could combine manufactured solid color mosaic with hand painted decorative tiles as accents for a more cost-effective but just as eye-catching design.

With a little creativity, the possibilities are virtually endless!

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