There is no shortage of options when choosing kitchen floor tile for your home.

latin accents_kitchen floor tile1The kitchen, of course, is a high-traffic area. The goal is to choose tile that is both appealing to the eye and supportive of your overall design concept. You also want to ensure that the tile you choose is durable and long lasting.

To avoid ending up with the wrong kitchen tile for your needs, here are five things to evaluate.

Choose the right type of tile

Kitchen tile should be constructed from a material that is non-slip, durable, and chemical resistant. Another feature you want is low porosity. (Porosity is the tile’s propensity to absorb moisture.)

Tiles that are porous in nature not only absorb liquids, but they also retain odors. You certainly don’t want that problem in your kitchen.

For this reason, many homeowners opt for porcelain tiles, as they meet all the above criteria. They can be glazed so they are not slippery, they aren’t porous, they are long-lasting and they are easy to clean.

Find a texture that works for you

Decorative tile for kitchen floors can feature a variety of different textures.

For instance, you may love the look of a floor that features high-gloss porcelain tile. But, due to its slip-factor when wet, it’s probably not a practical choice for the kitchen.

Therefore, consider kitchen tile that has nonslip characteristics, such as textured or matte finish tiles.

Pick a color you can live with for years to come

You want your kitchen tile to last for many years. So, you should be certain that the color of the tile you choose is something you would enjoy for years to come.

Different color options can create an entirely different look and feel of a kitchen.

For instance, white or light-colored tile can make the room feel clean and spacious while darker, earthy tones conjure feelings of comfort and warmth.

It is important to consider the amount of wear and tear your kitchen tile will experience. Lighter colors might look nice, but darker tile will hide stains and dirt more effectively.

Take maintenance into account

When choosing decorative kitchen floor tile, another important factor to consider is how much work it will take to maintain the floor.

Some kitchen floor tiles, such as those made from natural stone, present unique care requirements. Tiles made from materials that are prone to scratching, scuffing or clouding due to exposure to dust and dirt may not be ideal for your kitchen floor project.

If you have your heart set on this type of decorative tile, be sure you fully understand what you’ll need to do. This may require more frequent sweeping, using runners or special floor cleaning products and other maintenance. This will keep your floor looking its best.

Don’t forget about grout color and joint size

Grout joint size refers to the width of space between your tiles.

This will have a significant impact on the visual appearance of your new kitchen floor. There are several options available. For example, you may choose to keep joint size as minimal as possible. Or, you may decide to use colored grout to create as special look and feel.

Keep in mind that grout tends to discolor and appear dirty over time. Choosing a darker tint or colored grout might be the solution for you.

Selecting the right kitchen flooor tile can really make the difference in the overall look, feel and function of your kitchen.

latin accents_kitchen floor tile2Keep these points in mind and you’ll have a style, color, texture and design that you’ll love for many years to come.

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