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Traditional Clay Body Mexican Talavera Tiles
Traditional Clay Body Mexican Talavera Tile

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Latin Accents Porcelain Talavera and Traditional Clay Body Mexican Tiles for Home, Pool and Garden…in all Climates


Mexican talavera tile has been loved for years by many, for its folkloric aesthetics and rustic appearance. Traditional mexican talavera tile however has its limitations. It is created on an artisan red clay body that cannot be used outdoors in harsher climates. Also, with many sources of talavera tile, designs vary little from a dozen or two common patterns, surface textures are flat, and colors mute.

Latin Accents has transformed Mexican talavera tile with vibrant colors, unique and creative designs and an innovation most important of all, a durable porcelain hand painted tile body suitable for use in swimming pools and outdoor installations in all climates. We import into Mexico from Europe an all-weather porcelain body that is then hand paint by artists in Puebla, the most renowned source for high quality artisan ceramics in Mexico.

Each tile reveals a texture and a luminescence of color not commonly found on other artisan ceramic tiles. We complement our collection of over 50 different designs, each available in a variety of sizes, with coordinating field and molded tiles, talavera sinks, house numbers and murals.

Indoors, envision kitchen backsplashes, bathroom sinks and showers, stair risers and floor accent tiles. Outdoors, plan pools, fountains, steps, and patio accent tiles.