What comes to mind when you think of porcelain tile?

The term porcelain typically conjures up images of delicate dishes or dainty dolls. Porcelain can is quite durable, at least in terms of its use in tile work.

In fact, porcelain tile is ideal for use on everything from indoor work in kitchens and flooring to outdoor patios and more.

What’s more, porcelain Catalina tile comes in a huge variety of colors and patterns – perfect for just about any project you’ve got in mind. Need some ideas? Here are five areas for which porcelain tiles work great.

The Path to Beautiful Walkways and Entryways

Porcelain tile is excellent for use in any high-traffic areas of your home or office.

It will not scratch or fade. It also has a great anti-slip element, which means your family and your guests will not have to worry about sliding when not wearing shoes.

Because of its durability, porcelain tile is also a wise investment for large family households.

latin accents - procelain stairsA Walk Up the Stairs

Many people are surprised to learn that porcelain tile can come in colors and patterns that are designed to look identical to wood.

This makes it very popular for use in areas where daily wear and tear could result in damage to actual wood flooring. For instance, using porcelain tile on stairways can provide the design you want while using a material that is more durable. The material is low maintenance, like frequent refinishing.

Porcelain Flooring for the Bathroom

Most bathrooms feature tile flooring, and porcelain is the ideal option thanks to its excellent PEI rating. The rating measures the amount of heavy use tile can take before it begins to show visual signs of wear.

Porcelain tile is low-maintenance and not impacted by things like water and other external factors that are common in bathroom settings.latin accents - porcelain tile - bathroom

It also provides many options in terms of color, patterns, shapes and sizes to create that beautiful bathroom design you’ve always envisioned.

High-traffic bathrooms, such as those used for kids or guests, can benefit greatly from floors made of porcelain tile.

Porcelain Tile Bathroom Walls

One challenge to designing a bathroom is the fact that it’s an area where water and humidity are common.

With the wrong material, you could end up having to deal with the dangers of mold and mildew.

Because porcelain is a non-porous material, it doesn’t absorb moisture. It also repels water. As such, using porcelain tile for your walls can help keep your bathroom cleaner and safer.

It Can Beautify Your Home Exterior

The walkways, patios and other outdoor areas of your home are subject to much more wear and tear than those inside.

Outdoor porcelain is always exposed to the elements. Such exposure can discolor and damage other types of material used for walkways and patios.

Porcelain tile is non-porous. Therefore, rain and snow that falls on it will be repelled. This means the tile will not expand and contract and therefore will not break down like other exterior materials will. It’s also ideal for use in pools and fountains.

The possibilities are virtually limitless!

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