Swimming Pool Tile


Latin Accents is unique among importers of Talavera tile as it is the only source of porcelain body tile, allowing it to be used in all climates as swimming pool tile.

There are two important initial factors to consider when choosing tile for pools: 1. Can it withstand the effects of freeze thaw cycles and, 2. are the glazes proven to withstand pool chemicals.  Standard manufactured swimming pool tile is engineered for these needs, but many of customers state that all of their choices are simply “boring”.

The technical definition of porcelain tile is that it absorbs less that 0.5% water when tested.  Our imported European bodies test at less that 0.1%.  After being absorbed into a tile, if the water freezes, it expands, potentially causing damage to the swimming pool tile body and glaze.  The full ” vitrification” of porcelain tile prevents that.

Pool acids and chlorine can discolor glazes over time.  We have tested the based of our glazes to eliminate these problems when our product is used as swimming pool tile.  We in fact did find one copper based glaze that is sensitive, and we offer an alternate green color for that glaze on the porcelain body.

Campool2-500x375Certainly hand painted tile can be a stunning but costly undertaking for a project as large as a swimming pool.  There are however many cost saving approached to pool tile design.  It can be more cost effective to find a manufactured solid color mosaic and use Latin Accents decorated tiles as accent tiles. Similarly, our solid color field tile  can be used effectively around the water line of a pool with periodic accents inset as squares or diamonds. Mesh mount can be special ordered for mosaics of our two inch tiles, but check first for more economical solutions at your pool tile supplier.

Refer to our swimming pool tile care section for recommendations on how to clean calcium accumulations on pool tile.  Chemical treatments and not abrasives should be used. As with glass mosaics, a dulling can occur of the surface glaze.

Our molded porcelain bodies also allow for use in water features, such as the lips of waterfalls and water intakes for pools.