Talavera Sinks

Approximate Sink Dimensions:
Smooth Bowled Sinks: Width 18 3/4″, Depth 14″, Height 6 1/2″
Scalloped Bowled Sinks (Colonial 3, Colonial 8 and Colonial 10):
Width 18 1/2″, Depth 14 1/2″, Height 8″
All sinks are “Top mount”, or “Drop in” in design.

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classic-14-mexican-talavera-sink classic-14-ultra-mexican-talavera-sink classic-19-mexican-talavera-sink
Classic 14 Talavera Sink Classic 14 Ultra Talavera Sink Classic 19 Talavera Sink
classic-22-mexican-talavera-sink classic-22-ultra-mexican-talavera-sink classic-23-mexican-talavera-sink
Classic 22 Talavera Sink Classic 22 Ultra Talavera Sink Classic 23 Talavera Sink
classic-25-mexican-talavera-sink classic-26b-mexican-talavera-sink classic-24-mexican-talavera-sink
Classic 24 Talavera Sink Classic 25 Talavera Sink Classic 26 B Talavera Sink
colonial-2-mexican-talavera-sink colonial-4-mexican-talavera-sink colonial-4-ultra-mexican-talavera-sink
Colonial 2 Talavera Sink Colonial 4 Talavera Sink Colonial 4 Ultra Talavera Sink
mexican-talavera sink colonial 5 colonial-8-mexican-talavera-sink colonial-8-ultra-mexican-talavera-sink
Colonial 5 Talavera Sink Colonial 8 Talavera Sink Colonial 8 Ultra Talavera Sink
colonial-10-mexican-talavera-sink baroque-2-mexican-talavera-sink baroque-5-mexican-talavera-sink
Baroque 2 Talavera Sink Baroque 5 Talavera Sink Colonial 10 Talavera Sink
baroque-5-ultra-mexican-talavera-sink baroque-8-mexican-talavera-sink special-2-mexican-talavera-sink
Baroque 5 Ultra Talavera Sink Baroque 8 Talavera Sink Special 2 Talavera Sink
special-4-mexican-talavera-sink special-5-mexican-talavera-sink Buy Now
Special 4 Talavera Sink Special 5 Talavera Sink

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