You have seen the many great uses of decorative tile.

latin accents - decorative tile wall muralWe’ve all seen decorative tile used in flooring, backsplash, countertops and other accent work. But these beautiful design pieces have so much more potential than many may realize.

In many cultures – particularly Spain and Mexico – artisan tiles are an integral part of most décor.

Are you looking for new ideas to create eye-catching spaces in your home that truly stand out? Here are a few ways to use tile that you probably never considered.

Chair Rails

Chair rails are strips of material designed to prevent chairs from damaging your walls.

These rails are traditionally carved from strips of wood. But, it’s entirely possible to achieve the same practical results while also creating a unique and unforgettable look by using decorative tile instead.

Using tile can provide even stronger protection for your walls. Try using a band of bold colored or patterned decorative tiles and finish it off with a one-inch strip of crown molding.


Wainscoting is another design technique that has a practical purpose. Similar to chair rails, wainscoting covers the lower half of the wall. This design method protects from damage that can be caused by chairs and other furniture.

Wainscoting is normally made of wood and is used in heavy-traffic areas of the home. These areas include stairways, foyers, hallways, kitchens and dining rooms.

Decorative tile has other great features. It’s longer lasting, requires less upkeep and provides the ability to really experiment with colors, patterns and other design work.

Accent Panels

You can bring new life to any room by using vibrant, hand-painted decorative tile to create unique visual accents. In Mexico, Spain and Portugal, it’s common to see panels of tile art decorating rooms of a home or business.

Choose from more muted tones, like blues and whites, or create a truly memorable look with vivid colors and bold patterns. Add the right lighting and you’ll achieve a décor that will prove to be outstanding.

Accent Walls

latin accents - decorative tile cobalt muralIf you are really trying to make an impact with your design, consider installing an entire wall of decorative tile.

Think about the message you want the room to deliver to guests and then design your accent walls accordingly. If you’re feeling especially creative, try designing your own Mexican tile murals.

However you choose to apply decorative tile in your home, the key is not being afraid to think outside the box. Allow yourself the freedom to be creative and fun.

For inspiration, feel free to check out our online photo gallery, or click here to find a Latin Accents retailer near you.