Latin Accents Indoor Photo Gallery


Latin Accents tiles can be used in designs that call for more colorful and festive motifs, but can just as well add a touch of design to any room of your house that has either natural stone or more subtle, neutral color ceramics installed. It all depends on your taste and imagination.



Here are many examples of using Latin Accents tiles, both the traditional clay body and all weather porcelain version, for bathrooms. Either version is appropriate for bathroom use. Some people believe that the porcelain tile needs to be used when a tile installation is in frequent contact with water – some how they believe, the tile will dissolve over time. While the porcelain body is certainly stronger and more resistant to physical abuse, the clay body will not dissolve if properly covered with the glaze and installed with grouted edges. Where the porcelain body does make a difference is with outside installations. If a clay body tile absorbs water, and it freezes, the water will expand, crumbling the tile.


Latin Accents brings the visual impact of hand painting into your kitchen.  And by offering porcelain bodies, a tile countertop in over a dozen colors becomes a reality.


Our porcelain tile bodies allow for all weather outdoor installations of stair risers. You can have confidence that the abuse of feet hitting decorated tile risers will not have the same impact as with more the delicate clay tile bodies of other hand crafted products.


Latin Accents tiles can be the perfect solution for outdoor fireplaces, as they can survive where most any other decorative or artisan tile can not. Their tough imported porcelain bodies absorb virtually no water, and so can withstand of extremes of moisture and temperature.

Note: Printing and website color representation was submitted as accurately as possible but variation can occur in its final form.  Variation is inherent in all material.  Please request samples to verify color range.