Note: Printing and website color representation was submitted as accurately as possible but variation can occur in its final form.  Variation is inherent in all material.  Please request samples to verify color range.

 Our murals are created by professional artists outside of our traditional manufacturers.  

The Flor mural is painted the off-white glazed clay body found in our Talavera Poblana line.  Each mural stays true to the theme of image at left, but is different from each other Flor mural.

The Fruta mural is created by a officially certified Talavera studio near Puebla, Mexico.  The background is an different off-white glazed clay body, with a slight grey/sage tendency.  It is sold in components: the central still life, the scollwork surrounding it, and the molded braids on the edge.  There are available in either the off white or a cobalt blue.  The still life image will remain fairly uniform between murals, but the scrollwork will vary from artist to artist.

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