latin accents - porcelain handmade tileSo, you have decided…

You know that you want handmade tile for your next design project. But what you may not realize is just how many options are available.

Choosing the right type, size, color and style of handmade tile is extremely important. The goal of course, is to create a finished product that you can be proud of for many years to come.

When you are shopping to make a new tile purchase, keep these points in mind. They will ensure that you end up with the right fit for your needs.

Start Early

latin accents catalina porcelain handmade tileGood craftsmanship takes time. Do not wait until the last minute to choose your handmade tile. The tile you decide to purchase may require a lead-time for ordering, shipment and delivery. It is smart to leave yourself plenty of time to weigh your options before making a final decision.

Do Your Homework

Not all handmade tile is created equally. The tile you pick should be more than just a good fit with the design you’re envisioning. Consider making sure it is suitable for the location where it will be installed.

For instance, if you are choosing handmade tile for flooring, you will need to select a type of tile that is designed for that application. Its beauty is important, but it will also need to withstand the wear and tear of foot traffic. That makes good sense, right?

Don’t Under-order

Many people run into the frustrating and costly issue of running out of tile for their project because they didn’t order enough in advance.

This is especially important for handmade tile. The last thing you want is a delayed project that sits unfinished for weeks while you wait for matching tile to arrive. To avoid this, plan on ordering 10-15% more than you think you need to complete the job.

Remember Your Installation Materials

As you’re planning your handmade tile project, there is another important factor to consider. That valuable factor is the installation process.

You’ll need to purchase the right adhesive and grout, as well as spacers and other materials. Keep in mind that grout comes in a variety of colors. Do some research to determine which would be the best fit for what you envision the final product will look like.

Be Careful Who You Purchase From

latin accents handmade tileAs mentioned, not all handmade tile is created equally. Sadly, there are many products being marketed as hand-crafted that are, in fact, not authentic. Before you invest a significant amount of money into your tile project, be sure that the product you’re getting is perfect for your vision.

Unlike many of the lesser-priced exports, the handmade tiles distributed by Latin Accents are imported from expert artisans skilled in the traditional hand-painting techniques. This ensures that our customers always receive the highest quality tile available.

To learn more about our beautiful, authentic handmade tile options, please click here. Or visit this link to find a Latin Accents retailer near you.