Kitchen Backsplash Tile


Ceramic tile is a classic, timeless choice for a backsplash. Available in a number of sizes, shapes, colors and textures, ceramic tiles can be used to create a variety of designs. Here, a lively yellow tile is paired with a complementary patterned border tile to give a French Provencal look. A country style kitchen might pair well with pale yellow tiles or a mix of faded green and blue tiles. On the other hand, a Tuscan style kitchen might be enhanced by ceramic tiles that are accented by a decorative bunch of grapes or ivy.

Some people also add a touch of creative genius to their backsplashes by choosing neutral tiles and painting a stenciled design onto the tiles. Once the design is complete, the tiles are then adhered to the wall.


Travertine_Catalina_Bathroom-500x282Most homeowners choose a more subtle color concept, incorporating granite counter tops or marble accents.  Latin Accents has innovated traditional Catalina tile by creating an all weather decorative tile and accompanying molded pieces in colors that compliment natural stone and wood.   In this image a bathroom backsplash of Santa Rosa Sand blends in perfectly with the travertine counter top and hewed stone rope accents.  It is doubtful that either the decorator or customer ever thought about a Latin or Mexican tile when selecting this design.  The subtle pattern and complementary coloration made the combination a natural.